Two school staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus on just the second day buildings have been open to teachers.

What You Need To Know

  • One staff member at P.S. 1 in Brooklyn tested positive, as did another at M.S. 88 in Brooklyn

  • Teachers only returned to school on Tuesday, and students are set to be in class on September 21

  • The city says it is conducting a Test and Trace investigation and close contacts will be quarantined

One member of the staff at P.S. 1 and one member of the staff at M.S. 88, both in Brooklyn's School District 15, both tested positive for the virus, the Education Department said.

A Test and Trace investigation is underway to determine their close contacts, and staff were given the option to work remotely during that investigation.

“School staff have access to free, expedited testing and we’ve encouraged all staff to get tested before they return to buildings while we continue to navigate the realities of a pandemic," spokeswoman Miranda Barbot said. "Our protocol is to immediately notify staff and Test and Trace will begin an investigation to determine any close contacts. We’ll require any staff identified as close contacts to quarantine, and remain vigilant to prevent spread.”

A single case does not trigger the closure of an entire school building. 

Students are not set to attend city schools in person until September 21. If these staff members had been teaching students, their positive test results would have meant the students would be quarantined for two weeks, working remotely from home. 

City Councilman Brad Lander, who represents the two schools, said both staff members had been asymptomatic, meaning they did not suspect they were ill when they reported to schools on Tuesday.