BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A packed Brooklyn karaoke bar has been shut down and half a dozen people arrested after a night of partying earlier this weekend.

The New York City sheriff's office says around 2 a.m. Sunday deputies busted the The Legend KTV bar on 61st Street, near Fort Hamilton Parkway in Borough Park. 

Police say the bar was operating illegally, with nearly 300 people inside including a child. 

Six people were arrested on child endangerment charges. 

One man who lives nearby said he is disappointed and concerned that the owner would operate like this during the pandemic.

"It's a travesty we should do more to protect and watch our neighborhoods around here. It's a danger to the residents around here," said the resident.

The sheriff's office says the business has been in trouble in the past in 2018, it had a vacate order and had it's liquor license revoked last year.