There’s beauty in everything, even a plain piece of plywood, according to street artist Mitchell Schorr.

Schorr has been painting 3D murals in the city for years. 

What You Need To Know

  • Mitchell Schorr is a street artist who has been transforming boarded up buildings with murals that appeal to your inner child

  • Schorr is offering to paint for any business owner who has boarded up panels. Reach out to him on Instagram or Facebook

  • Queens Theatre is offering wellness checks with entertainment to seniors twice a week. To find out more go to

  • If you see an Act of Kindness in the city, big or small, email Kristen Shaughnessy at

Over these last few months, he didn't want people feeling discouraged when they walked by boarded up storefronts and restaurants, so he began using the wood panels as his canvas, creating images he hopes appeal to people's inner child.

It started with a phone call from his friend Chef David Burke who wanted to spruce up the outside of his restaurant, David Burke's Tavern on 62nd Street and Lexington Avenue, as he introduced outdoor dining. 

"As all the storefronts and restaurants got boarded up, the city became a very sad and scary place and I wanted to make it look better, more energetic and fun", Schorr said. "The race is a series about ice cream trucks, racing sport cars throughout the city, with an ever changing lead, so it's about memories of being a kid and fun and excitement."

Schorr paints the boards for free and he works quickly, each mural takes ten to 20 minutes. All a business owner has to do is ask; you can find him on instagram and facebook.

Queens Theater is bringing seniors together twice a week to sing, dance and just connect — think of it as a wellness check with entertainment. 

The Flushing Meadows-Corona Park venue is temporarily closed so the theater has been connecting with seniors virtually.

"We started inviting performers from New York stages to do a sing a long with us, we were singing their favorite old tunes, started doing radio comedy like Abbott and Costello. We are doing trivia and poetry readings and anything we can do to keep them engaged,” said Richard Hinojosa, the theatre's education director.

These sessions are open to seniors everywhere.

To find out more go to