Nearly six months into the theater shutdown, there is still no concrete timetable for when Broadway will return. Since the start of the pandemic, On Stage host Frank DiLella has been interviewing theater artists every week on Instagram in a show called "On Stage Matinee," asking how they're coping with being unable to do the jobs they've trained for their whole lives. Here's a look back at some of their reactions.

ROBYN HURDER, ACTOR: I was looking at a post I made on Instagram. It was March. It was the night that I literally had a full beat on. And they were like, ‘Okay, we're going to cancel both shows today.’ And then as I'm driving home, they announced their shutdown until April 12, April 13. It's so crazy that that feels like yesterday, but also feels like three years ago. 

GAVIN CREEL, ACTOR: We're doers, especially a lot of us in this industry. We do … We're active and it feels, it's challenging to me to figure out what to do. 

FRANK DILELLA: What's the first thing you'll do when you're allowed back into a Broadway theater?

ASHLEY PARK, ACTOR: Oh my God, I’m gonna probably cry. 

ANA VILLAFANE, ACTOR: I just can't wait for that moment right before. That moment right before when it's all about to happen and just, there's this sense of magic in the air that you really can't describe, but it's, I get all emotional!

BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL, ACTOR: What I can't wait to do is sit next to somebody that I have no idea who they are. I never, ever met them before, share an arm rest with them and experience live theater together and laugh with them and cry with them, and respond with them and sit with them without fear and have this shared experience of storytelling of human, humanity together.

ROBYN HURDER, ACTOR: The day that we come back. It's like, because it's never happened before. Can you imagine the day that Broadway lights are up and I go back on stage? I'm actually going to combust. 

ASHLEY PARK, ACTOR: I know. I won't be crying out of fear. It will be out of love and joy, but I hope that other people come to the theater and they're not fearful of it. I hope, I hope all of our friends aren’t scared to keep making good theater, because we are, we're going to, we're going to need that. People are gonna really need it. 

JENN COLELLA, ACTOR: The only thing we can do right now is to keep our hearts open and our chins up. And if you feel something, if you feel the grief of what's going on, the sadness, let it move through you. Cry ball your eyes out. You don't have to push it down, move through those feelings and then just get through the day at the end of each day, be like I did it. I did it, good night. I've made it through today and tomorrow is a brand new day.