Gym owners have gone months without answers about reopening plans.

Governor Cuomo gave them the go-ahead to open up Monday, August 24, with many restrictions including mandatory masks and special ventilation systems. 

But now the mayor is saying city gyms can't open until at least September 2. He cites a lack of inspectors to ensure every gym is following those guidelines.

Noam Tamir, the owner of TS Fitness on the Upper East Side, says he was planning on reopening until that curve ball came from the mayor's office. 

He is one of the lucky ones. Many gym owners say because of stringent restrictions and health protocols - they may never be able to open.

"It's difficult for a lot of gym owners who don't have HVAC units, what do they do?" Tamir asked, "I think that is something they hadn't fully thought about when they put that into the guidelines."

As city gyms scramble to meet the strict mandates, they are also in a competition for health inspectors with public schools. And it seems schools will win that battle, delaying openings even further.