NEW YORK - In a conference call Saturday afternoon, Governor Cuomo said about 650 out of 700 schools have filed school reopening plans. New York City is not one of them.

Cuomo said he’s “disappointed” with NYC for not having a plan in place on time.

He also raised the question on how schools will conduct contact tracing and testing, adding that plans need to be solidified for parents to feel comfortable before sending a child back to school.

“If we don’t have answers for them, then they’re going to conclude we don’t have a plan,” he said.

Asked about students returning to college campuses, Cuomo said it’s a university-by-university decision that he’s issued guidance on to inform the decision.

News broke a day ago that 76 percent of campers and staffers in a Georgia sleepaway camp tested positive for the virus two weeks after the camp opened. Asked about New York sleepaway camps, Cuomo said he’s continuing to monitor the overall infection rate before making a decision.

As of Friday, 581 patients remain hospitalized with 147 of those patients in the ICU.

Four New Yorkers died yesterday.

Less than 1 percent of COVID-19 tests came back positive yesterday, out of 82,737 - the most ever conducted in a single day for New York State.

The SLA slapped seven more suspensions on New York businesses yesterday for violating coronavirus guidelines. In the last week, 41 establishments were given violations; among those were 27 in Manhattan. Cuomo is calling on the NYPD to step up on enforcement.

Responding to President Trump’s tweets on postponing the election, Cuomo said “nobody calls for the postponement of an election if they think they are winning.”