NEW YORK - Millions of Americans who lost a job because of the pandemic will now lose federal aid this weekend. The weekly $600 provided by the federal pandemic unemployment compensation program is ending.

What You Need To Know

  • Federal pandemic unemployment compensation and federal moratorium on evictions ends 

  • New York Tenant Safe Harbor Act continues the moratorium on evictions 

  • Under the act, unpaid rent is not forgiven, and could become a money judgment 

Congressional leaders indicated another stimulus bill is unlikely to pass until August. While the White House and senate Republicans suggest possible short term relief, Democrats insist on a long term solution. In any case, how much aid that could be delivered, and for how long, remains unclear Saturday.

Also, the federal moratorium on evictions ended Friday, which means millions of Americans could soon face an eviction action, too.

As states around the country are rolling back eviction moratoriums, tenants in New York continue to have protection. The Tenant Safe Habor Act co-sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in late June protects financially burdened residential tenants from eviction over any unpaid rent due during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We needed to make sure we are not throwing tenants out on the street and that’s why it is so crucial that we passed these eviction protections,” said Hoylman.

But the act does not forgive missed rent payments, which could still end up being a money judgment tenants would have to pay.

“Tenants may not able to pay that money any time soon. It’s not like you snap your fingers and you’re back at work and you can pay rent. That’s not the case for most New Yorkers,” said Hoylman.

That could be a problem for New Yorkers who relied on the disappearing federal aid to help pay rent. That’s why senator Hoylman and other lawmakers continue their calls on Washington to extend the federal unemployment relief.