Art Cortez says a lot has changed at Gleam Salon.

Sanitizing stations and individually wrapped brushes are part of the new experience. Customers are also notified about a new $3 Personal Protective Equipment fee added to services.

"And to be honest with you the surcharge doesn't even cover all of what we've invested into making Gleam safe," he said.

What You Need To Know:

·       Some businesses are adding COVID surcharges to help offset the expense of protective equipment and cleaning

Other businesses are adding similar charges to help offset the expense of protective equipment and cleaning.

One Manhattan Dental now charges an extra $25.

Dr. Robert Raimondi says the new safety protocols to stop the spread of the virus are costly.

"We're one of the professions that have to deal with aerosol droplets more than anyone, we can't work with patients wearing a mask, we tried it, didn't work out that well," he said.

But are shops allowed to add fees?

The city’s consumer affairs agency says restaurants cannot add a COVID-19 surcharge, but there is no city law preventing other types of businesses from charging a COVID-19 surcharge as long as that fee is disclosed.

Andrew Rigie with the NYC Hospitality Alliance says it's an antiquated policy that only makes it more challenging for restaurants to keep people coming back.

"We want to clearly disclose the surcharge so the consumer is not going to be tricked, and frankly if they don't like it they don't have to patronize this restaurant," he said.

Cortez and Dr. Raimondi say most customers and patients welcome the added charges, but there have been reports of businesses in other states facing a fee backlash.

"I'm fine with it; I think that it's necessary, that it makes sense," said one woman.

"To an extent I understand it, but at the same time I feel like if it's going to require so much in that way then maybe its best we wait a little longer?" said  another.

A City Hall spokeswoman told NY1 they're regularly assessing "what needs to done" to ensure city businesses are able to get through this pandemic.