Five people in New York state died from the new coronavirus Monday, officials announced Tuesday, as 1.5 percent of all tests returned positive results.

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths remain low and relatively stable in New York. In the past 24 hours, 912 people tested positive for the virus the state, on 64,045 tests performed.

In the prior six days, between 557 and 786 cases were confirmed each day, but the state’s positive test rate has clocked in around 1 percent for several weeks now, a drastic drop from May.

Hospitalizations went up slightly Monday to 820, an increase of 28 patients from the day before.

At least 403,175 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the state, with 24,994 fatalities. About 4.8 million tests have been conducted.

Other State Data

Number of people in the ICU: 167 (decrease of 8 patients)

Number of people intubated in the ICU: 101 (decrease of 2 patients)

Total number of people discharged from hospitals: 71,692 (increase of 49 patients)

New York City’s Coronavirus Data

In New York City, as of Monday, 216,468 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, an increase of 269 cases.

The city reported 29 additional COVID-19 hospitalizations.

There have been 23,336 deaths from the virus in New York City (18,720 confirmed and 4,616 probable).


File image above: Mary Altaffer/AP.



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