BROOKLYN, N.Y. - City Councilman Justin Brannan plans to meet with police at a Brooklyn precinct Monday after a clash between pro-police and Black Lives Matter protesters in Bay Ridge over the weekend.

Pro-police protesters were out in large numbers Sunday waving American flags and pro-police signs. They were met by counterprotesters and at various points the NYPD had to separate both sides.

"Go back to where you came from,” one pro-police supporter could be heard screaming at a Black Lives Matter protester.

“Go back to where I came from?” the protester shouted back. “I’m a decorated combat veteran."

Most of the intense encounters happened near 4th Avenue and 65th Street.

City Councilman Justin Brannan, whose district covers Bay Ridge, tweeted Sunday that he has asked the mayor and the NYPD to investigate an incident captured on a video posted to Twitter that appears to show a police officer using a Taser on a man at the scene of the protests.

Brannan said the blame for the violence at the protest "falls squarely at the feet of the elected officials & leaders who refused to take responsibility for the vitriol and hatred displayed at yesterday's protest."

The NYPD says video appears to show the same man who was Tased throwing some sort of plastic hat into the crowd of protestors.

Brannan said he will be meeting with the 68th Precinct on Monday.

Police say five people were arrested during the rally. Two officers were injured, according to the NYPD.