This Saturday night is another chance to showcase your talents virtually, whether it's singing, dancing or even sharing helpful cooking hints. Three friends have been hosting an online talent show to help raise money for local charities and businesses. Our Kristen Shaughnessy has today's Acts of Kindness.

Claudine, Janine and Amy started the Caravan Social Club — a virtual talent show that puts a spotlight on small businesses and raises money for local charities — as a way to showcase people's talent after the city shutdown. 

Now, it's a way to continue that sense of community as we slowly reopen. 

The money raised at their most recent show went to the Orchid Foundation which provides mentoring for underserved high school girls.

“We do community service so that we give back for all the wonderful things that we get,” said Nichole Galicia, the founder of the foundation. “We have the arts program; we have college boot camp, year-round tutoring and more.”

If you’re interested in performing, partnering or donating, you can check out Caravan Social Club on Facebook.

“It's a great way to bring creative talent together,” said Galicia. “It's totally free so viewers can find out about it on our instagram, our facebook and we ask that if you can give a contribution to the charity or foundation that we are benefitting that night that would be great."

Priscilla Warner, a New York Times bestselling author eager to pass on the power of healing, is sharing the calm and peace she’s found using Tibetan singing bowls, a practice that is thousands of years old. 

It's a way where metal bowls are played almost like drums in a way that creates sounds and vibrations that bring about relaxation and pain relief. After the sound therapy, emotions are calmer and the mind is clearer.

She even made a recording for frontline workers in the city who are overwhelmed or anxious. 

“They take me to a place in my body, integration, relaxation and a kind of an awareness and understanding that everything will work out,” she told NY1.

In hopes of helping those who are feeling out of sorts, she has posted public videos on her facebook page at Priscilla Warner.