BROOKLYN, N.Y. - It has been three months since anyone could get a haircut at The Stepping Razor Barber Shop in Bushwick.

It shut down in March, a week before the state required all hair salons and barbershops to close.

Owner Danny Baptista came in early Monday to prepare for The Stepping Razor's reopening.

"I have been missing this place for three months so it is surreal to be back but I am happy I am really happy," Baptista said.

His clients are happy too.

Brooklynites eager to get a fresh cut had already taken all the available appointments for Baptista and his three barbers through Saturday.

"Bruna actually messaged me on Instagram to let me know you can place appointments and I was like first one on Monday lets go," said one customer.

"C'mon look at me! I look like a Neanderthal," added another.

Only three barbers will work at a time to allow for social distancing.

Instead of 14 appointments a day, each barber will cut back to 10, so there is enough time between clients to fully sanitize their stations.

"We got Lysol, we got Barbicide wipes, hand sanitizer, sprays, gels, all kinds of stuff. We have masks if people don't bring their own. We are gonna keep it clean we are gonna make sure it is done right, " explained barber Niamh O'Reilly.

Beard shape-ups are not yet allowed and instead barbers have to find innovative ways to cut hair around the ears while clients wear masks. And instead of reusable cloth smocks, customers will be draped with disposable coverings before the cutting and clipping begins.

"A little uncomfortable but I mean if this is the way we have to do it then its fine," said one client after his first haircut in three months.

Baptista says he is not sure how long he will have to operate at 50 percent capacity, but he hoping it won't be for too long.

"New York City doesn't feel like New York City. We need to get that soul back you know. I don't think it is gonna take long," Baptista said.

The city's soul might not be back, but at least some of the buzz has returned.