People coming into New York from other states may face a mandatory two-week quarantine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

While coronavirus cases are continuing to decline in New York, they are on the rise in 20 other states, including Florida, which has seen a sharp increase. 

Conditions have improved so much in New York City that the five boroughs are preparing to begin Phase 2 of the reopening on Monday.

“So they're reviewing the New York City data, it’s supposed to go on Monday. They'll watch it Friday, Saturday, Sunday; they're studying it now," Cuomo said. "But, all the indications are good, so I’m saying today you'll get a final announcement tomorrow, but I am saying businesses should plan on reopening.”

But parts of the city are already acting as if the pandemic is over.

Recent videos have shown people drinking and congregating outside bars, now that summer weather has arrived.

Cuomo called some of those establishments himself to tell them to better enforce social distancing protocols, warning them the city could see a spike in cases that could potentially delay the gradual reopening here. 

Bars and restaurants are regulated by the State Liquor Authority, and on Thursday Cuomo signed an executive order giving the authority greater enforcement power to yank liquor licenses of businesses that don't follow the rules. 

“Where violations of the rules and the regulations could allow State Liquor Authority to do an immediate suspension of an alcohol license, which means a bar or a restaurant that are violating the rules could have an immediate suspension of their license," Cuomo said. "Business that is violating the rules could have an immediate shutdown order.”

The executive order also make bars and restaurants responsible for what happens on the sidewalks right in front of their doors.

Cuomo was emotional at his second-to-last briefing as he offered praise for how the press has covered the crisis. According to the governor, a cumulative total of 59 million people tuned in to watch his briefings over the last three and a half months.


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