The Limited to One Record Store is the one thing that's been a constant for co-owners Kristian Sorge and Nichole Porges.

What You Need To Know:

  • The Limited to One Record Store will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary on July 1.
  • The co-owners of the store took on several projects in order to keep making money during the pandemic.
  • Supporters can still help the record store by purchasing a custom pair of Vans shoes or by contributing online.
  • The couple plans to continue using social media to help sell special albums.

The couple was let go from their jobs as casting directors for extras in TV and movies and they lost their main source of income when the coronavirus crisis erupted.



"Everything kind of fell apart within a week. I lost my job, I had to file for unemployment for the first time," said co-owner Nichole Porges.

When Governor Cuomo ordered all non-essential businesses to close, the couple had to face the music.

They needed the record store to make money, but without physically being open.

Before the health crisis they'd focused solely on sales out of their East Village shop.

Now they needed to offer an online option and were shocked at the response.



"We started selling rare records thru mail order on our Instagram and that had a really positive, we'd sell I’d say, 80 percent of everything posted would sell within minutes," said co-owner Kristian Sorge.

Initially, the couple thought the venture would only bring in enough to keep the lights on.

They pursued other projects in the hopes of making a little more.

They joined the "Foot the Bill" program created by the company VANS and will pocket the net proceeds from sales of the custom footwear that they helped to design.

The soon-to-be-newlyweds know they are lucky to have made it through and now will be able to celebrate their shop’s 3rd anniversary on July 1st.

"I think in all honesty its better because we did get a lot of traction in the store, obviously we did enough to stay in business but we've seen a lot of great support from customers," Porges said.

They're now counting on their loyal clientele to return as they prepare to re-open.

Fortunately, the store is small so occupancy restrictions will have little impact.




The shop also wraps every record in plastic.

The setup has been this way since the beginning and it ended up being a sound decision.

It will help them easily sanitize their stock in accordance with Center for Disease Control guidelines.

The couple is ready to get back in the groove but said they will continue to drum up businesses using social media since it was so successful.

Supporters of the store can also help contribute to their success using Patreon.