NEW YORK, N.Y. - Demonstrations continue across the city’s streets to call for justice in the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Protesters including Asian supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement joined others in Washington Square Park this afternoon with signs that read “#Asians4BlackLives,” “Power to the People,” and “Say Her Name” amongst others.



Then making their way from the park to Foley Square.



Hundreds of protesters also biked to Grand Army Plaza this morning near the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch.

That arch is dedicated to the defenders of the Union during the Civil War.

Many came armed with signs, including this one reading "protect black girls."




A number of protests are expected to take place across the five boroughs today, including Jackson Heights, Union Square, Barclays and Columbus Circle.

Governor Cuomo is issuing a warning to New Yorkers about the coronavirus’ potential to spread as nicer weather entices people outdoors.

"We're not in a vacuum. This virus spreads. We thought that we were past it, well, the beast is rearing its ugly head,” he said.

New York now has the lowest infection rate of any state in the country and the lowest daily death toll since March.

But Cuomo warns that with cases rising in other states, New York must remain smart.

On Friday, he signed a total of four bills on police reform.

The new laws include a ban on police chokeholds; the appointment of a special prosecutor in cases where civilians are either killed or hurt by police; making it a crime to make a fake, racially biased 911 call; and most prominently, a repeal of 50-a, the law that was used to shield police disciplinary records from the public.

Cuomo also signed an executive order requiring local governments to reinvent their police departments. Localities that do not make changes by April 2021 will lose state funding.

“This is a new stage. People are still out protesting. You don’t need to protest,” Cuomo said. "You won. You accomplished your goal. Society says, ‘You’re right. The police need systemic reform.' That was accomplishment one. Now go to step two. What reform do you want?"