WILMINGTON, N.C. – Obsessed with Outer Banks on Netflix?


What You Need To Know

  • "Outer Banks" has consistently been one of the top shows on Netflix since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The show has geographical irregularities, which one of the co-creators addresses.

  • Season two is expected to introduce new villains.

  • Co-creator, Jonas Pate, talks about it on our podcast.



Well, if you’re a proper North Carolinian, you probably noticed the glaring irregularities of the popular show and the actual Outer Banks.



First of all, Kildare County isn’t a thing.

Kill Devil Hills, in Dare County, is a thing, and references to Kildaire can be found aroung the state. But, in a recent podcast recording for Spectrum News’s “Tying it Together with Tim Boyum” co-creator, and North Carolina native,  Jonas Pate tells us all the details. He even dishes on what we can expect in the upcoming season.

First of all, he uses the Outer Banks as more of a concept for his story.

Much like how Star Wars, which is owned by Disney, uses “space” as its setting, he says the Outer Banks is more of a concept he drew from, rather than using cemented geography to make the hit show.

As a North Carolina native, Pate was born in Hoke County and lives in Wilmington. So the show’s choices seem to prove intentional.

“Star Wars wasn’t actually shot in space…” he told host, Tim Boyum, in a recent episode of the podcast..

Another irregularity Pate addresses is the non-exeistant ferry that will take you from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill. This one gave many of us natives pause during the show, since Chapel Hill is well (245 miles) inland.

Apparently, according to Pate, a scene where the characters took an Uber to Chapel Hill was cut from the show.

As anyone who has ever used Uber/Lyft, or has driven to the Outer Banks, will tell you, the drive from any Outer Banks ferry stop to Chapel Hill would be very expensive. But (without spoiling anything) for this scene, cost was not an issue. So we think it can be forgiven.

We can only hope they tipped well.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead!]

As for what comes next, the Outer Banks cast has not started shooting the second season yet, but it is expected to start shortly.

Due to issues stemming from HB2 and North Carolina’s filming legislation, most of the show is shot in South Carolina.

Luckily, South Carolina has not been exceptionally impacted by coronavirus. Pate says that, and the added heat, will likely help in facilitating the shooting of season two.

For our interview with Pate, he does give away a few hints for season two. As we know, season one ending on a cliff hanger with a certain treasure ending up in the Bahamas.

Coincidentally, a certain two characters also end up heading there…

But if you’re hoping for a clean wrap up of season one next year, you might not be in luck.

Pate says he plans on introducing new villains that might put Rafe to shame...

Pate also says he belives the show could go four to five seasons which, only leaves us to ask, what could they possibly end the next season with?!

The release date for season two has not been announced, but it seems the questions might grow while many answers remain lingering.

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