NEW YORK - With Memorial Day Weekend upon us and NYPD staffing levels back to almost where they were before the pandemic began, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced starting this Saturday 45 miles of city streets will be open for social distancing walks and biking.

The city is opening 13 more miles of 'Open Streets,' to make space for social distancing, expanding the total length of open streets to 45 miles.

Of the additional streets, nearly nine miles will be supported by local police precincts and about two miles will be managed by local partners. The mayor says the new "open streets" will open up to the public on Saturday.

"We have found a model that works, and it's very, very gratifying to see the way everyone has worked together. And it's something that people can enjoy and we're going to keep building on it through this crisis,” said the mayor.

The plan is to open 100 miles of streets to pedestrians and cyclists throughout the city.

The city Department of Transportation is providing a full list of streets open to the public.