Throughout this time, we’re continuing to see acts of kindness that are also actions of kindness.

Jeannie Esti is a certified life coach. She and others are offering free and confidential emotional support to our front-line workers. They want them to know there is a space created for them to have a real conversation.

"I came out of my hour feeling like I have a strategy to help me mitigate my fear and walk out my door in the morning feeling like I can handle my day. Thank you," one doctor who has been practicing for more than 25 years said. 

"We have rallied 300 coaches from around the world in 11 different languages who are generously donating their time to support and provide strategic conversation for our front-line workers and the people behind the scenes who are keeping us safe," Esti, the founder of covidconnector2020, said. 

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram. 

Aaron Lesser came to the city to support his now-fiancée, who is a doctor in Mount Sinai's ICU. He surprised her after a long shift in April by proposing on their balcony. She said yes. 

Now, he's also supporting other front-line health care workers with his #flowersforfrontline campaign, sending flowers to their homes to brighten their day and help bring a bit of the outside inside to them.

If you have a person in mind, you can send Aaron their contact information and he'll do the rest. If you can just send flowers to help any health care worker, you can reach him at Arron Lesser on Facebook.

Finally, Susan Norton spotted a smiling heart made from posterboard on a tree in Breezy Point and posted it with the hashtag #throughchildrenseyes.