NEW YORK - The woman at the center of a controversial altercation with police at a Brooklyn subway station plans to sue the city.

She spoke out for the first time since the incident on Tuesday.

In a video taken on May 13, officers can be seen putting Kaleemah Rozier in handcuffs, after police say she ignored their instruction to put her mask on properly.

She was with her 5-year-old child at the time.

Rozier was charged with disorderly conduct.

She plans to sue the city and NYPD over injuries she says she suffered to her neck, back and knee.

"It's very hurtful for me because it was in front of my son, my five year old son. He was crying. I don't understand how they could do that in front of my son," Rozier said.

"It is not necesary for what happened to this young victim, 22 years old, to happen to anyone else in this city," said Sanford Rubenstein, Rozier's attorney.

"She had the mask around her face. And the officers claimed they were giving out masks in the subway. So if you're giving out masks, why harass her for a mask," said Rev. Kevin McCall, a community activist.

After the incident, Mayor Bill de Blasio said police will not arrest or issue tickets to people who are not wearing a face covering.