Governor Cuomo says New York State has greatly increased testing capacity. The state is now conducting 40,000 tests per day for COVID-19. The Governor got a nasal swab test on live television during his daily briefing from Albany to demonstrate how easy it is.

“I’m not in pain, I’m not in discomfort. There is no reason why you should not get the test,” Cuomo said after receiving the test.

The state is also partnering with CVS Pharmacy to make testing available to all who need it.

“Who can get a test today? Any individual who thinks they have COVID symptoms. If you think you have symptoms, get a test,” Cuomo advised.

The number of new hospitalizations continues to trend downward, albeit slowly. There were 374 new hospitalizations from coronavirus in the last 24 hours in New York State and 139 deaths.




Cuomo also announced that two new regions of the state, Western New York and the Capital Region have met the criteria to begin their first phase reopening, which includes construction and manufacturing jobs, as well as curbside pickup for some retail. The Governor says they just have to finalize testing and tracing capacity, which he described as merely “an administrative function.”

If the two newest regions start to open up, that would bring the total to seven out of 10 regions in New York State taking part in a partial reopening.

Finally, Cuomo was asked about summer camps and whether they will be allowed to open. New York State Budget Director Rob Mujica says the discovery of the inflammatory syndrome in children has complicated that process. But a decision will be made before camps are set to open at the end of June.

“Nobody knows what the effect may be on children. I don’t believe it’s only 100 kids. I believe it’s only 100 kids until you look,” the governor said. “And, I think that number is going to go up,” Cuomo said.