RALEIGH, N.C. -- Zach Curtis and his wife were thrilled to close on their first home together in April. As a vintage toy collector, Curtis would finally have space to store all 100,000 pieces he's collected over the years. Then, the coronavirus hit.

"I was supposed to graduate and become a dentist May 1. All of a sudden, I have this really expensive mortgage payment and this job that was supposed to be there, and it's no longer there to pay for it," said Curtis.

So instead of sitting back, he started selling his collectible heroes.

"It started out, sales were good, slightly above average. Then I started working longer hours and people got bored and these sales got crazier."

Curtis said in the last month, he's paid off a year of his mortgage. He's hoping these toys will bring others the same amount of joy he's received from them.
"Just as much as it's been a blessing to me, I hope selling these can bring happiness in a time where there's not a lot of that going around."