QUEENS, N.Y. - It’s an email residents of a Jamaica apartment building have described as “callous” and “rude.”

Sent by a Florida-based management company, it not only demands rent, but suggests how those out of work can get the money.

We spoke with some recipients of the letter, who asked us not to show their faces or use their names for fear of retaliation.

“The callousness! the email was like we’re dealing with COVID right now, but pay your rent,” said one tenant.

“If you would have just said, ‘Rent is due on the first,’ and leave it that way and have compassion about it, ‘take care and be safe.’ There was nothing of concern in the letter!” said another resident. “It was basically about rent money and it’s very hurtful. It’s very, very hurtful.”

In the email, Skyland Management explains, in capital letters, “COVID-19 IS TERRIBLE; HOWEVER, IT WILL PASS AND IN THE MEANTIME; RENT IS STILL DUE.”

It goes on to say “Owners still have to pay their bills,” then recommending, “If you have been laid-off from your job due to the closures of non-essential businesses, there are still several places hiring,” listing Domino’s Pizza, grocery stores, Amazon and Walmart.

“Come on! Why you doing this to people?” said another resident of the building.

The email also provides a phone number and website for the state unemployment office stating, “Worst case scenario, file unemployment, and you’ll receive checks from unemployment.”

NY1 has reached out to  Skyland management seeking comment, but so far we have not heard back.

As NY1 has been reporting, Governor Cuomo has enacted a three month suspension of all commercial and residential evictions, so residents who have not yet paid their April rents are protected from eviction for the time being.