NEW YORK - There is  no longer a need to visit the corner bodega for a sandwich or some groceries.

There's now an app for that.

"It can prevent us from having, so much contact with others where it can help us hopefully not become sick," said one New Yorker.

My Bodega Online is a new app by the Bodega and Small Business Association of New York.

It allows customers to place orders through the app for either pick up or delivery.


Initially it was to launch this summer, but in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the association wanted communities and business owners to have access to it sooner.

"The service they need, the produce they need without exposing themselves to this virus," said Bodega & Small Business Association of New York Founder Francisco Marte.

The app launched this week and although only a half dozen bodegas are taking part in the service today, the association expects more than a thousand additional bodegas will be participating over the next six weeks.

And for now, the association is waiving services charges for orders placed through the app.

"Eventually we are going to charge after this crisis passes, but right now it is free for the person buying the products and the bodega owner to use it," said Founder & CEO of MyBodega Online Jose Bello.

Bodegas can register for the app online, with the hope it will give business owners a boost.

Many bodegas say they have seen less foot traffic as people flock to big supermarker chains to stock up and avoid the often small and tight spaces of their neighborhood grocers. 

"Not too many people coming to the store, the people they are afraid because they don't know who has the virus," Marte said.

The association says the app will create 1,500 temporary delivery jobs. 

And in order to properly train business owners on the new technology they have started a GoFundMe page.