BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Visitors are no longer allowed in nursing homes in New York. But what do you do when your 105-year-old mom is crying out for you?

Twins Dr. Audrey Baker and Dr. Gerry Baker say that, up until the last few days, they’ve consistently visited their mother, Marie, at the Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Ever since Friday, though, they have been turned away when trying to visit the facility run by the Allure Group.

Cuomo and other officials have cited the danger the coronavirus specifically presents to the elderly. And yet the Baker sisters say they know the risks that visiting their mother might bring, but feel the current mandate is far more damaging to their mother’s health.


“This is reckless endangerment of her mental healthcare,” said Dr. Gerry Baker.

“One of the nurses told us that she was crying yesterday morning and this morning she was calling our name,” said Dr. Audrey Baker.

On the facility’s website, a letter to patient’s family and friends says, “certain situations may warrant an exception to this rule.“

The Baker sisters say they are willing to undergo whatever safety precautions are necessary if it means seeing there mom.

“They could use the same protocol to test us as they did for the staff people,” said Dr. Audrey Baker.

A spokesperson for the Allure Group says the facility understands how difficult the restriction is on residents and their families.

“To substitute for in-person visits, we have offered our families a variety of other ways to communicate with patients. These include telephone, email, text, or video chat,” the spokesperson said, adding, “Staff are available to assist families in creating accounts if needed.”