The family and friends of a Westchester man who recently tested positive for the Coronavirus have all been added to the list of infected New Yorkers.

Cuomo made the announcement during his third briefing of the day on Wednesday. The total number of sick people across New York is 11 so far.  
"A friend of the lawyer who he spent time with and in close proximity in a number of situations, that person also tested positive. We then tested that person's wife, two sons and daughter and they all tested positive," Cuomo said.
None of the infected patients have a known travel nexus to the countries where the outbreak is rampant. They all have self-quarantined and only the lawyer remains hospitalized due to an underlying respiratory condition. State officials say his condition is improving.

"It's one friend, goes back, infects the wife, infects the two sons, infects the daughter — that one connection. That is going to continue to exponentially increase," Cuomo told reporters.
Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio and top administration officials held additional table top drills and continued to reassure New Yorkers.

"For the vast majority of people even if you got it, if you contracted it, it would feel like a common cold or a typical case of the flu," de Blasio said.
The Westchester man and his wife work at Lewis & Garbuz, a small law firm located near Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Seven employees and an intern are currently being tested.

The family's children, a 14 year old and a 20 year old have also tested positive and their contacts are all being investigated by local disease detectives.  

Several schools have also closed in the city including the West Torah Academy, SAR elementary school and Yeshiva University, where the families' children were attending.
Despite fears, health officials continue to stress, the virus cannot be contracted through short term exposure. Only those in close, extended contact with someone who is carrying the virus is at risk for infection.  
"It is not, it's not for example you walk by someone in the hallway or you sit in a classroom with them, if you're a roommate or you're in a study group in you're in constant direct contact in a small enclosed area, just to give you an example," de blasio said.

Cuomo also announced all CUNY and SUNY students studying abroad in China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Japan will be brought back to the United States. They will be quarantined for 14 days after their arrival.