An aerial view of Flushing Creek from Northern Boulevard to Roosevelt Avenue, shows mostly empty industrial lots.

And this is what several property owners want to build from College Point Boulevard to the water.

The projects aim to include 1725 apartments, hotels and retail space. There would be more than half a dozen towers; some could reach nearly 250 feet.

“It’s not just a rezoning, this is an opportunity to create a holistic look at a road network and open space at housing and waterfront,” said Ross Moskowitz, Lawyer For Developers.

Developers presented their plans to Community Board 7 Tuesday, but a few dozen young residents walked out in protest.

“I don’t feel good about this,” said one resident of Flushing.

“They are just playing with the people here,” said Seonae Byeon, Minkwon Center.  

“I feel outraged how this is going to affect everyone else in this community,” said Isabella Lee, a Flushing resident.

Despite the opposition developers say they only need city council approval for a quarter of the project.

The rezoning of the northern most area, zoned for manufacturing to allow for residential and with the rezoning, they would have to make at least a quarter of the units in the additional space there affordable.  

“This is the area where the affordable housing can go, this is where the affordable housing must go,” said Moskowitz.

But the protestors say they don’t trust these developers and there will be too little affordable housing created with rents that are way too high.

“I’m a senior citizen. I’m on a fixed income and I’m not eligible for affordable housing but I can’t afford the housing that I’m living in,” said Diana Leifels, a resident of Flushing.

“The gentrification of all these luxury apartments that are being built. It’s going to increase the rent of people living nearby as well as the businesses too,” said Lee.

Developers say with the rezoning they would more than double the open space and waterfront promenade area they create. They hope to get it to the City Council within six months.