Tolls are up for drivers entering the city through Port Authority bridges and tunnels.

The cash toll for cars is up from $15 to $16 dollars. And E-ZPass discounts for peak hours are now $2.25, which is down by a quarter from $2.50. Off-peak discounts are also down a quarter at $4.25.

The adjustment will support Port Authority's $37 billion capital plan, including $10 billion to rebuild and fortify bridges and tunnels.

Some drivers we spoke to are not too happy with the price changes.

“If I had known I would have come back a day earlier,” said one frustrated driver.

“At least they spend it on the roads and cars, it’s not tax money,” said another.

There is some good news, though, if you take advantage of the New York, New Jersey, Staten Island discount plan, you are not seeing a price change.

Drivers under that plan will continue to pay $6.88 for tolls.