NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The man who police say stabbed five people at a Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi's home in Rockland County Saturday night has been arraigned.

37-year old-Thomas Grafton appeared before a judge around noon today.

Police say he carried out the attack in Monsey, about 35 miles north of the city.

He was arrested in Harlem.

The attack happened around 10p.m. where about 50 people gathered for the seventh night of Hanukkah.

The suspect barged in and stabbed five people.

One person is still in critical condition according to Governor Cuomo.

"Everybody start to run out through the backdoor, through the back porch. There was about 40, 50 people in the room started to run out to the back porch to go out around the building. I also ran out. I pulled a few people with me. I came back in; I started to come back to the front door.

And then I saw he run back to the old guy. I came in there was a small coffee table right where you come into the front door. I threw a coffee table at him. I started to run out again and he came after me and started to walk here toward the synagogue. Both doors were locked from the inside, he saw it was locked," said Josef Gluck, who survived the attack.

Governor Cuomo has directed the state Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate the attack.

"I want this state to be the first state to have a domestic terrorism law. We're not going to allow this poison to spread throughout our state because it is a poison."

The governor also met this morning with faith leaders from around the community.

Meantime, councilmen Chaim Deutsch and Kalman Yeger released a statement calling for action against what they call "open season on Jews in New York."