These volunteers are busy preparing and packing some of the 8,000 winter feast holiday meals that God's Love We Deliver is preparing. All are destined for New Yorkers with life-altering illnesses.   

"We really try to make everything special so nobody feels alone, and then we send everybody not only their holiday meal but one for a guest so nobody has to be alone when they celebrate whatever their holiday is," said Karen Pearl, President and CEO of God's Love We Deliver.

It's a busy time of year for the organization founded in 1985, which started with one woman bringing food to a man living with AIDS, too sick to cook for himself.  

"We are now serving over 8,000 people a year, 1.9 million meals, all tailored for the person who is going to be getting them, to make sure it's the right food for that person's medical conditions," said Pearl.

And God's Love's impact in the community continues to be on the rise.

Growing close to 10 percent a year, at God's Love they say food is medicine, and they deliver it with love. Senior Sous Chef Andre Daquigan says they strive to make sure the food tastes delicious too.

"That is our number one objective. Anytime we put anything on the plate, is it good enough for my family to eat," said Daquigan.

God's Love relies heavily on its volunteers, 17,000 lend a hand over the course of a year. Including Evan Schwartz, who has volunteered for 26 years. He started during the AIDS crisis after being inspired by a visit to a friend who had AIDS.

"He got his meal from God's Love, looked at his meal, and said, this meal is what's going to let me die at home. And as I’m on the line, and all these years, each of these meals that comes by, I say, each of these meals could be as important to the person who is getting it, as that meal was to him," said Evan Schwartz, Volunteer for God's Love We Deliver.

It's really easy to help God's Love We Deliver this time of year.

All you have to do is go to and $20 will fund two meals.