Forbidden Broadway is a long-standing show that gets updated to spoof the newest Broadway musicals. But despite its name, there is little that's off limits. NY1's Stephanie Simon went behind the scenes and onstage as well.

Forbidden Broadway is a parade of parodies of Broadway musicals and more.

"I think there's a deep affection in the material. I think the parody material is a celebration of what it's making fun of," said Gerard Alessandrini, Creator and Director of Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation.

And no show or dramatic device is safe from the satire. Dear Evan Hansen, Fiddler on the Roof, Harry Potter, Beetlejuice, Juke Box Musicals, and even ending dance sequences.

Alessandrini started Forbidden Broadway 38 years ago as a showcase for himself and friends.

Since then it's become a spoof-fest that he regularly updates with new numbers. This new version Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation is playing at the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side.

For the first time, it has great dance numbers by choreographer Gerry McIntyre.

"When people laugh at stuff that's choreography driven that makes me happy because that means I did my work," said Gerry McIntyre, Choreographer of Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation.

One night, the show also had some truly bad dancing as I did a cameo for the Moulin Rouge bit. And as green as I was, I've heard that can actually enhance a live performance.

"It makes you more present on stage because there's no chance you're going to go on auto pilot if there's something new happening, "Chris Collins-Pisano told us.

I'm pretty sure they told me to be awful for laughs! And it is all about laughs here and no you don't have to be a Broadway buff to get the gags. It will be obvious who or what is the butt of the jokes Forbidden Broadway runs through December 1st.