NEW YORK - People living in the East Village say they've been suffering through a stinky situation as city sanitation trucks are being parked on the streets overnight.

Now, a bill in Albany is looking to ban that practice.

Neighbors say a stretch of East 10th Street between First and Second avenues usually doubles as a parking lot for the trucks.

Sanitation started using the area during overnight hours last year after it lost a lease to one of its nearby facilities.

State Senator Brad Hoylman sponsored legislation that would make it illegal for the trucks to park on any city street overnight.

"That's terrific. It's excellent. It shouldn't be happening. There's plenty of places for them to park on the sides of Manhattan not where people live," said one resident.

"Since they're parked right in front of my apartment, I'm in favor of the trucks not being on residential streets. They smell, they're noisy, it's an eyesore," said another resident.

A city sanitation spokesperson said it's been necessary to use street parking until new garage space can be located.