NEW YORK - A bill to lift the cap on street vendors permits is under consideration in Albany.

It would bar any city in the state from limiting the number of permits that could be issued.

The city health department allows about 5,000 permits for vendors in the city. 

Many have complained that obtaining one of the city permits was too complicated, sometimes taking up to 10 years.

Those who support a cap say there are too many street vendors, making it harder for brick and mortar businesses to compete.

Even some street vendors agree saying it has created too much competition amongst themselves.

"Nowadays, it has a lot of many car. Very very too much. Before, like every two block you have a car. Nowadays in one block, one here. It was in Columbus Circle. How many car on Columbus Circle? How many car over there across the street. Too many, too many," said one vendor.

Another reason some say for eliminating the cap is that some people end up bypassing the legal system, getting their permits on the black market.