In Manhattan, dogs and their owners came together for a "howling" good time, all to raise money for their local park. 

The Riverside Park Dog Owner Group hosted its first D.O.G. Fest Sunday, November 3rd. The fun filled day included agility training, nosework, puppy parkour, dog yoga, and lots of games. While the event is free there were classes and competions offered for a fee and proceeds from activities will go towards supporting the nearby dog run.

One dog owner shared the plusses of having a furry pet. Dean Vogel of the Riverside Park Dog Owner Group says "when you have a dog it actually teaches you to be more human and a better person because you know, cause you really, they really connect you to the community you live in."

If you missed this weekend's events don't worry, D.O.G. Fest will continue on November 17th at the 74th Street track on the river level inside Riverside Park from 10 am to 4 pm.