Legionnaires’ disease was found at an assisted living facility on Staten Island.

The Department of Health says they are investigating the building water system at the Brielle at Seaview.

Legionnaires was also found in 2015 and last year.

The DOH says tenants can still use and drink water but some people need to take precautions.

Those over the age of 50 or with chronic lung disease or with bad immune systems should take a bath rather than a shower.

Washing dishes is allowed but fill the sink slowly to avoid water vapor or mist.

Cold water from the sink can be consumed.

Legionnaries’ disease is treatable with antibiotics.

Representative Max Rose is calling on management at the Brielle to take fast action.

"We cannot afford to tinker with water systems when the quality-of-life and health of senior citizens is at risk," he said.