A rousing speech and a few questions: that's what members of NARAL—an abortion rights advocacy organization—got from Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Given the recent limitations to abortion rights imposed in many states around the country, Warren has proposed passing a federal law to protect Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that guaranteed abortion rights.

"Let's make democracy work and make Roe the rule of this land in every state," she said.

She also talked up her plan for universal healthcare; Medicare for all, she says, would include reproductive rights for all women.

Warren brought her campaign to our city at a time of increasing popularity among New York voters.

A new New York State poll on the Democratic primary for president released by Siena College puts Warren in second place, just behind former Vice President Joe Biden. According to the poll, Biden would get 22 percent of the vote, while she would get 17 percent. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would be third place with 15 percent.

"We are five months out,” Warren said. “I'm not paying any attention to polls. This is about reaching out and talking to the American people every single day."

After the event, Warren spent some time taking photos with supporters.

She makes a point of taking them with all who want them, an activity that took four hours of her time Monday night at her Washington Square Park rally.

"Lines keep getting longer, that's a good thing. I put on my sneakers, and a cooler sweater."