Governor Cuomo is moving full speed ahead with a plan to use his executive authority to ban flavored nicotine products in New York State.

The Governor announced the plan at a news conference Sunday at his office, then followed up Monday morning with a pair of radio interviews.

"Vaping we know is dangerous,” said Cuomo. “At a minimum it addicts young people to nicotine. At a very young age. And the nicotine addiction is very strong."

At an emergency meeting Tuesday, an obscure panel known as the Public Health and Health Planning Council will meet downtown where it is expected to vote on the ban.

Before deciding to move forward with this, Cuomo had announced last week that he would support legislation to ban flavors, but lawmakers are not scheduled to be back in Albany until January.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal sponsors the flavor ban, and has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation cracking down on e-cigarettes, including raising the age for purchase and possession this year to 21 statewide.

She was not invited to either of the Governor's press conferences, however.

"The governor is the governor and so he is taking the mantle upon himself,” said Rosenthal. “But the fact is that the legislature has passed all these laws on e-cigarettes since 2012."

Advocates say they welcome the ban, but want Cuomo to go further.

"He has the opportunity to get all flavored e-cigarettes off of our shelves,” said Michael Sielback, who words for the American Lung Association. “And unfortunately he is leaving the most commonly used product, which is menthol, on the shelves. 63.9% of high school users are using mint or menthol flavors."

The state of Michigan already has a ban on flavored products, including menthol. No matter what action the state takes now however, state leaders will likely want to codify the new rule through legislation and make it law, which is more permanent.