With its siren lights on, a police patrol car barreled down 13th Avenue and slamed into a van before jumping a sidewalk and hitting a store. Two teenage girls were pinned underneath it.

A Shmira Public Safety Coordinator spoke exclusively with NY1 and wants to remain anonymous. He was a few blocks away, and didn’t think twice when he saw the cop car drive by. That changed in the blink of an eye.

“I saw the officer rolling out of the police cruiser, he was unconscious,” the man said. “I tried to wake him up and said, “Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open.”

NYPD Officials say they received a call just before 10 p.m. Saturday night that one of their patrol cars had been in a crash with a Honda Odyssey van.

The officers, two pedestrians and the van driver were all taken to local hospitals and will be okay. The corner store Landau’s Health Tree also had minor damage.

Witnesses say the streets were packed with people and it’s a good thing more people were not injured.

The public safety officer says that once the cop regained consciousness, the first thing he did was ask if anyone else was hurt.

The crash is under investigation.