NEW YORK - Apple's AirPods have become extremely popular since they first went on sale in 2016.

But they also have an unfortunate tendency to fall from people's ears onto the subway tracks.

The MTA says transit workers found more than 100 AirPods on the tracks between July 2018 and July of this year.

Now the Wall Street Journal says the MTA is considering a public service announcement urging subway riders to keep their AirPods in their ears when getting on or off trains.

Transit workers usually use an 8-foot grabber to retrieve dropped AirPods, which retail for $159 a pair.

But some riders have been known to get creative.

Back in July we found a tweet from Ashley Mayer who used a broom and duct tape to pick up her AirPod from the tracks.

She tweeted "He’s filthy but he’s mine again!"