NEW YORK - The city Buildings Department is investigating after an elevator crushed a man to death at a Manhattan high-rise Thursday.

Police say the elevator was still moving when Samuel Waisbren, 30, and several other residents tried to get off in the lobby at the Manhattan Promenade located at 344 Third Avenue.

(Above: Exterior of Manhattan Promenade at 344 Third Avenue in Manhattan)

One person managed to get out, but Waisbren got trapped between the first floor and basement shaft wall.

Firefighters were not able to rescue him.

NY1 spoke with the victim's father, who lives in Wisconsin. He says his son complained of ongoing problems with the elevator before he died.

"Lives in a fancy New York apartment, pays exorbitant rents like all you New Yorkers do. And the building doesn't even provide a safe environment. They killed my son," he said.


(Above: The victim, identified as 30-year-old Samuel Waisbren) 

Many residents agreed, saying the two elevators always seemed to have an issue.

"They're always down, people are always getting stuck," said one resident.

"Breaks down and they had to replace parts, that's been a continual problem," noted another resident.

At the pizzeria next door where workers say Waisbren was a regular, they remember a young, successful man with everything in life to look foward to.

"Horrible, horrible. Such a young guy," said one worker. "It's sad, it's sad, it's another human being that we just lost."

Building officials say the high-rise was fined for an elevator violation in May.