Local offcials worked together with a community group to reunite a Brooklyn man and his wife, separated for years. 

Congressman Max Rose and the Yemeni American Merchants Association, or YAMA, helped bring Ahmed Nagi Almulaiki's wife, Ghania, to the United States after she fled the war in Yemen. She went to Djibouti, before ending up in Egypt.

That's where the story took a turn. She became sick, suffering from kidney failure. 

Rose and YAMA worked together to get a waiver to allow her to obtain a visa to come to the US to receive medical treatment.

Congressman Max Rose (D) Staten Island, Brooklyn says "this is a tool to reunite families and it's one that everyone should be pursuing. It is no replacement for overturning this ban, no replacement, but we refuse to wait while people are suffering."

Almulaiki arrived back in the States 11 days ago and is currently in the hospital.

So far, the Congressman and YAMA have helped reunite 10 families.