BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed the state police hate crimes task force to investigate three separate attacks on Jewish men in Brooklyn.

Surveillance video shows two of the three teens suspected of punching the men and searching their pockets in Williamsburg just after 6 a.m. Monday.

They left without taking anything.

Although it has not been confirmed these men were targeted because of their religion, residents of this largely Jewish community say they are concerned for their safety.

"There's no doubt about it they were targeted as victims because they were Jewish. And either nobody's going to go by or nobody's going to pay attention or there's nobody around in law enforcement to stop us."

The NYPD's hate crimes unit is also looking into the attacks.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the police department is beefing up security in Williamsburg by putting more officers on patrol.

The victims are all expected to be okay.