A judge put the brakes on the city's plan to essentially ban all cars from 14th Street.

It was supposed to start Monday. The plan would have only allowed bus and truck traffic from third to ninth avenues along 14th Street.

But a judge has granted a last-minute appeal to put that plan on hold.

It's unclear if and when the plan will move forward, but those opposed to the city's plan say there are other proposed changes that will speed up bus traffic without creating a hassle for those who live nearby.

Those proposals include banning left turns on 14th street and select bus service.

"For those who think that this is just selfish neighbors, we live here. We breathe the air,” said plaintiff attorney Arthur Schwartz. “Our buildings rattle and vibrate and we have to deal with horns and honking. We deserve consideration as well."

Mayor de Blasio has vowed to continue to fight to get the plan done.

In a tweet, the mayor said, "This surprise eleventh-hour decision, forced by a few, means that come Monday, thousands of New Yorkers won’t get the faster and more reliable buses on 14th Street they were expecting."