BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Immigration agents reportedly tried to gain access to a homeless shelter in Brooklyn earlier this week.

Shelter director and former City Council speaker Christine Quinn says ICE officials showed up Tuesday night at the East New York facility and told guards they were looking to detain someone inside.

The agents allegedly said they had a warrant, but wouldn't show it when asked.

That's when the guards turned them away.

"We're not going to let them be bullied by the president of the United States. We're going to protect them from domestic abusers, from other threats, and we're protect them from the biggest bully, Donald Trump and his deportation force," Quinn said.

"These people that are here, they are in need of help. And for you to bombard yourself to violate their rights of being here for however long that they've been here, I think that's not right," said Tiffany Person, a former resident at the shelter.

NY1 reached out to immigration officials and they denied the reports, telling us their agents did not try to enter the shelter.