BRONX, N.Y. - The Bronx borough president is proposing an online registry for gun criminals, similar to the one for sex offenders.

Ruben Diaz, Jr. says shining a spotlight on these offenders is a good way to deter future shootings and gun violence.

Some New Yorkers who spoke with NY1 are not convinced.

"We need to be a little tough on those that have been convicted so that they know that we are watching them," Diaz Jr. said.

"Gun offenders really don’t care about being on a list. They carry guns. They commit crimes because that’s what they're gonna do. Legislation that would stop people from being able to easily access weapons - that would help," said one New Yorker.

"We need to know who's carrying guns around our children. we got babies out here," said another New Yorker.

The NYPD already keeps track of convicted gun offenders, but that information is not public.

The borough president's proposal would need approval from the City Council.