It's fair to say that Louise Signore is everyone’s oldest friend. Signore celebrated her 107th birthday at her local senior center Wednesday with just about as many friends and family members in attendance.

"I said no more parties, oh no, we got to have a party, so I'm here," she told us.

And what a great reason to celebrate. 

Born in 1912, Signore grew up in Harlem and moved to the Bronx as a teen and never left.

She now lives, alone, in Co-op City but considers JASA, the Jewish Association Serving the Aging senior center a second home.

"I used to come to the center every single day. I used to come to the center like I was going to work I would get up in the morning come to the center they had exercise I did exercise I did dancing I still do a little dancing and then after my lunch I would play bingo," she remembered fondly.

She doesn't come as often now but she certainly inspires everyone when she does and makes them laugh too.

"I think the secret of 107 is that I never got married that's the secret my sister said 'I wish I never got married.”

“It's a joy to be with Miss Louise and we all love Miss Louise and Miss Louise has always had a good sense of humor. She said her secret is to be 107 she said never get married, do what you want to do, be loving and kind to people and treat them very nice,” said Odessa Jones, a Volunteer at the JASA Senior Center.

Signore worked at the MTA for more than 30 years as an administrative assistant before retiring. Longevity runs in her family. She has a younger sister who's 102.

Signore has plenty of advice for making it well past the century mark, beyond staying single.

“I actually remember having a conversation with her last year, and she said its chocolate having chocolate and exercise. She has a great personality has a great sense of humor and is also very resilient and independent," said Aisha Parillon, Director of the JASA Senior Centers.

Everyone here expects to be back next July celebrating Louise Signore's 108th birthday.