NEW YORK - Things got heated Tuesday night at a meeting between public housing residents and the new federal NYCHA monitor. 

Bart Schwartz was in East Harlem to give an update on his work so far, but he could barely get a word in.  

It was Schwartz's second community meeting since he was appointed in February.

Last week he released his first report about the state of NYCHA showing chronic problems with the Housing Authority that he plans to address with the agency--pointing out he's independent of the agency. 

But residents continue to voice concerns about leaks, mold, rodents and broken equipment.

"It is a sin and a shame how horrific how horrible public housing has become. Stop misusing the funds," said one tenant.

"And we told her the elevators are broken. And guess what? They're still broken. So where is your accountabilty?" asked another tenant.

Schwartz would not speak directly to NY1, but Schwartz's team says he is committed to having these community meetings every other month.