After days in seclusion, some residents of the Port Richmond neighborhood finally ventured outside Monday.

One man, who asked that we not identify him, says he spent the weekend indoors, worried about the massive nationwide roundup of undocumented immigrants threatened by President Trump.

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico, he has called Staten Island home for years.

"It's a preoccupation for my family," the man said.

He says he skipped work this weekend in fear of being picked up.

And while he says he doesn't have any deportation orders against him, he is well versed in what to do if officers from ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, come knocking.

For starters, “Don't open the door,” he said.

The president had promised his crackdown would begin Sunday, leading many to fear that ICE agents would swarm Port Richmond and other immigrant enclaves.

But so far, the threatened roundups have not materialized.

The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs says there were no confirmed reports of ICE encounters on Sunday, and just three on Saturday.

Two of them occurred in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, while the other happened in East Harlem.

None of the incidents resulted in any arrests.

Gonzalo Mercado's team at the advocacy group La Colmena spent the weekend passing out informational pamphlets to educate the undocumented about their rights.

"We've seen time and time again that these type of announcements sends chills in the community,” said Gonzalo Mercado. “People don't want to leave their homes."

He says information is key to surviving the anxiety and fear that come with the possibility of ICE raids.

"Having a plan, knowing your rights, and being in contact with the local organization we really can make sure this fear is dissolved by making sure there are communities together know their rights and knowing what to do in case of these instances."

But publicized threat or not, advocacy groups have pledged to hyper-vigilant.

They say the city's large immigrant population must always be prepared.