The power outage that left thousands of New Yorkers in the dark on Saturday has also cut Mayor De Blasio’s presidential campaign trip to Iowa short this weekend.

De Blasio is returning to the city today and not attending a planned event in Cedar Rapids.

He says he will visit the site where the power outage stemmed from once he returns.

However, many New Yorkers weren't happy the mayor was out of town during the crisis.

"When you're a mayor or governor, you're going to travel for a variety of reasons,” said de Blasio. “The important thing is to make sure you have your hand on the wheel, make sure things are moving effectively and communicate to people. Even from where I was, I was able to do that right away with the people of New York City."

Governor Cuomo said everyone has to make their own political judgments, but that he believes leaders should be on-site for these kinds of situations.