Yoga instructor Dasha Alekseyeva offers her clients a different kind of experience, yoga with a beat. There is no meditative music, just pulsating disco songs. “It’s upbeat, it’s getting your heart rate up, it’s more of a cardio experience,” said Alekseyeva.

Alekseyeva left her career as a civil engineer to pursue her passion for yoga. But the transition was not easy. “Couldn’t get a job as a yoga instructor and the jobs that I got as a yoga instructor were all not paid,” said Alekseyeva.

So Alekseyeva, who was born in Russia, launched her own business, Sputnik Yoga; leading pop-up yoga classes with a disco soundtrack and even happy hours.

“I really like the idea of yoga and I really like alcohol and I really like having a good time; so I thought other people would as well”, says Alekseyeva. Decked out in disco-inspired yoga pants and a hot pink wig, Alekseyeva leads her classes through warrior and downward dog poses.

Periodically, the class gets a chance to break out and dance and boogie down to the disco music.

“I was taking more dance breaks then I should have but that’s also what’s so fun about it,” said Jimmy Crowell II, “the most amazing part is, I don’t have to feel like I have to be tranquil.”

Alekseyeva says that's the point: yoga doesn't have to be peaceful and calming, it can be fun.

“I really want to draw people out of the bars and on to the mat; because I think everybody can have fun doing yoga and it is for everyone,” said Alekseyeva.

“You do these things to stay happy and healthy so you can do the things that are a little less healthy,” said Kelly Brice, a participant.

Her classes cost 20 to $35 a person and are advertised on social media and Eventbrite.