A confrontation between the NYPD and a cyclist in Manhattan was caught on camera.

The cyclist says he was bumped off his Citi Bike by a police vehicle on Friday.

"Now at this point, you’re essentially you’re being forcefully stopped now you’re riding recklessly and refusing to stop,” a police officer is seen saying to the cyclist.

Police say they tried to pull the cyclist over several times.

They say he committed multiple traffic infractions for running red lights and operating a bicycle while wearing headphones.

It happened on Avenue A and Saint Marks Place in the East Village.

In the video, you can see the cop car veered into the bike lane and the bike got wedged inside the wheel of the police car.

"That's on a different level to use a vehicle that can cause so much harm to stop a bike even with headphones on even if they are running red lights there are other ways to stop them," said one person.

The NYPD released a statement saying, “The NYPD vigorously supports Vision Zero and promotes safety for pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists. The NYPD is also implementing the NYC Citywide Bicycle Safe Passage Plan.”

This past week, Mayor de Blasio said his vision zero plan needed to buckle down and increase the amount of officers to make sure vehicles are complying with traffic laws, in wake of the spike in cyclist deaths.

Three were killed in a week, and 15 have died in traffic-related incidents this year.